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Challenge 85~

Hello members~ I bring you our next challenge, suggested by katsuko. Anyone else who'd like to see a song used in the not-so-distant future (because everyone's going to submit and the comm's not going to close, right~?) should leave suggestions on this post, since I love using suggestions! 8D

As always, a small batch of reminders~
→ You may enter up to 2 icons.
→ All icons must conform to LJ's standards (100x100 pixels max, 40kb).
→ No fanart, merchandise, GX, or First Series images are permitted. This means no doujinshi, as well.
→ You must use at least three legible, consecutive lyrics for your icon(s) to be accepted.

The riddles and the subtle signs...Collapse )

Your icons are due by Friday, April 6th at midnight! Please don't forget to vote for the current challenge!


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