Challenge 86

Okay, this challenge will be a little strange in that it's going to run from today (the 11th) until next Friday (the 20th) and then voting as normal over the weekend. If you saw the winners post that was made a few minutes ago, you know why we weren't around, but still we appreciate your guys' understanding.

◊ Read the rules
◊ Submit up to 2 icons within LJ standards: 40kb, 100x100 px
◊ Icons must have at least 3 words of legible text
◊ Challenge ends Friday, April 20th, midnight

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Challenge 85 Winners

Guys, we really apologize for missing the challenge this week. Both lavaliere and I were at SakuraCon, the weekend sort of flew by, and I only just realized that we've still not posted a challenge! *LAME*

Thanks very much to cruxis for getting the voting up for us, and to all our members for your patience. We'll try not to let that happen again. ♥ Forgive us?

Onto the winners!

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The next challenge will be up shortly. It's going to be a little longer than usual, and run the rest of this week, through until next weekend. Sort of a combined challenge. Again, we really apologize for this.
DA HAI ► just wanna be god;
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Challenge 85~

Hello members~ I bring you our next challenge, suggested by katsuko. Anyone else who'd like to see a song used in the not-so-distant future (because everyone's going to submit and the comm's not going to close, right~?) should leave suggestions on this post, since I love using suggestions! 8D

As always, a small batch of reminders~
→ You may enter up to 2 icons.
→ All icons must conform to LJ's standards (100x100 pixels max, 40kb).
→ No fanart, merchandise, GX, or First Series images are permitted. This means no doujinshi, as well.
→ You must use at least three legible, consecutive lyrics for your icon(s) to be accepted.

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Your icons are due by Friday, April 6th at midnight! Please don't forget to vote for the current challenge!